Teresa Hui gets drafted in the battle of the sexes comedy, First Wives Club

Teresa weaponizes her comedy chops in BET’s First Wives’ Club.

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Ral Martin practices safe biking for Fend Helmets

Ral, in a spot for Fend Helmets, teaches us to cruise the NYC Streets without getting hit by a taxi.

Kim Rios Lin is Official FBI

Catch Kim on Episode 109 of CBS’s FBI: Most Wanted.

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Daniel George Danielson and Manny Galan in High Maintenance

Manny and Daniel in the same episode of High Maintenance, the show that smokes its way into the inner most parts of New York, starring and directed by Ben Sinclair.

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Lisa Zhang gets caught by curiosity in Farewell to Pageantry

Lisa plays a maid who’s hobby of snooping leads to a more dangerous game in the short film Farewel to Pageantry.

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Kim Rios Lin called for jury duty in Bull

Kim casts a shadow of a doubt in CBS’s Bull

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Manny Galan does hard time in Almost Family

Manny rocks an orange criminal uniform in Fox’s Almost Family.

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Teresa Hui joins the punk rock, bleeding, oozing, toxic,
hilarious Troma family

Teresa will play Chien Wu Beng in the legendary Lloyd Kaufman’s new master-in-pieces, Shakespeare’s Shitstorm.

Trailer here
(not for the weak in stomach)

Manny Galan: Official TV NYPD, Part II

Manny patrols the streets in Netfix’s new show, Grand Army.

Manny Galan: Official TV NYPD, Part I

Mann patrols the streets in ABC’s Emergence.

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